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July 16, 2024

Kelsi Ceman

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Why You Should Be Mobile Optimized Even for a Small Business


You’re probably familiar with the saying “the consumer is always right.” Well, imagine if you could be the consumer and the business at the same time. If you’re an ecommerce business owner looking to make a sale, it’s important to think about your customers’ buying experience from their perspective first. And if your potential customers are on mobile devices when they’re shopping around for products or services, then you need a site that’s optimized for mobile as well!

Mobile users are growing

Mobile users are growing. According to a recent study by eMarketer, mobile users will outnumber desktop users worldwide by 2020. In fact, the number of people using smartphones and tablets has grown at least four times faster than those who use desktops over the past few years.

Mobile shoppers are also more likely to make purchases than desktop shoppers: according to a survey from Google Consumer Surveys conducted in 2015 on behalf of iProspect Canada (a digital marketing agency), 86 percent of respondents said they had made an impulse purchase while shopping on their mobile devices; 79 percent said they had done so while in-store; and 74 percent admitted that they were more likely to buy something online after seeing it advertised on social media or another digital platform–compared with just 39 percent who said they’d been influenced by print ads or TV commercials during the same period!

Mobile has more buying power than desktop users

Mobile is more than just a channel. It’s a way of life. And if you’re not mobile-optimized, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with your customers in a deeper way.

The fact is that mobile users are more likely to make purchases than desktop users–and their purchases tend to be bigger. According to Google, 73{b863a6bd8bb7bf417a957882dff2e3099fc2d2367da3e445e0ec93769bd9401c} of consumers use their phone while shopping in-store; 58{b863a6bd8bb7bf417a957882dff2e3099fc2d2367da3e445e0ec93769bd9401c} use it before buying something online; and 38{b863a6bd8bb7bf417a957882dff2e3099fc2d2367da3e445e0ec93769bd9401c} use it after making an online purchase but prior to checkout (so they can get free shipping).

Mobile is a better way to get more information about your potential customers

Mobile devices are more personal in nature than desktops. People use their mobile devices for everything from checking the weather to looking up how many calories are in a slice of pizza, so it’s easy for businesses like yours to gather more information about your potential customers.

Mobile devices also make it easier for customers to interact with you and your brand–they’re convenient, portable and always within reach!

E-commerce businesses should be mobile optimized.

You’re reading this because you know that mobile is the future of e-commerce. Your potential customers are on their phones and tablets, not sitting in front of a desktop computer. Mobile devices are also more powerful than ever before–they have more buying power than their desktop counterparts, which means that if your site isn’t optimized for mobile users, then you could be missing out on sales opportunities.

You might be thinking “but my business isn’t an e-commerce site!” If so, I’ll give you two reasons why being mobile optimized is still important:


As you can see, there are many reasons why you should be mobile optimized. It’s vital that your business has a strong presence on the internet, but it’s also important to make sure that people who are looking for your products or services can find them easily and quickly. Mobile users are growing in number every year and will continue doing so for years to come; if your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices then there will be fewer visitors from this demographic who will buy from you than if it did. This is because most people use their phones or tablets when shopping online nowadays rather than desktop computers – something which hasn’t changed since smartphones first appeared back in 2007!